I think the character pages/galleries are in need of a major overhaul!  There's a lot of broken links, and a lot of the character pages have very few images at all.

I'd like to suggest the images are broken up into separate galleries by major productions - but what categories would be most useful to visitors?  Obviously there's the video providing screenshots that are easily accessible and familiar to almost everyone... Do we combine similar productions, ie Video/London,  Broadway/Hamburg?  Do we combine geographically, ie Broadway/US Tours? Or by decade, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s?

I'm inclined to split geographically since that tends to also give related productions...  so:

  • London/UK Tours/Video;
  • German productions;
  • other European productions;
  • US productions;
  • Australian productions;
  • misc images.  
  • Designs (but under discussion of the costume, rather than under a "Gallery" heading)

That gives six separate galleries.  Is that over-kill if images are also captioned with date and production (and performer if known)? It would make updating the galleries easier tho, if new images can be added to the specific gallery they relate to.

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