So, I'm going through re-naming photos, trying to catch all the pages that need editing to the new photo names as I go, but I'm sure I'm missing some as I go - and I'm also trying to improve the quality of the photos as I go. ie, finding higher resolution versions, less tightly cropped versions... but I think I may have made a mistake or two doing that, that there were photos cropped down to be character headshots for the character pages.

The solution that comes to my mind, therefore, is to have photos uploaded not as "Bway Sillabub 3" to use as a headshot, but something like "Profile Sillabub.jpg", specifically as a portrait for the character page.  The trouble is, I know I have a bias against the film, simply that there are so many more versions out there than the film!  So, left to my own choices, it would be a blend of mostly Russian and some German productions, with some London as well. In fact, you can see what I mean from when I did character galleries for my own site -  However I'm not at all suggesting using those buttons, they're too small, plus that was drawn up a few years ago and there's some better photos out there now.  

Basically, I'm asking opinions, should I go ahead and draw up dedicated profile pics of all the characters, but it's likely to be quite light on video cast? Is this a problem to anyone?

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