I recently discovered a neat bit of wiki code, which allows you to collapse tables - and indeed have them collapsed by default and a simple click to expand the information.  Over on the Starlight Express wiki we've used them extensively for song lyrics formatted by tables - it's not an ideal format for lyrics but it's the best we've found so far.

Over here, I've experimented with the expandable tables on the UK Tour 2016 article - the long lists of tour stops are available at a click, but do not otherwise dominate the information. 

What do people think about using this code for both tour stops tables, and cast list tables?  Is it immediately apparent how to access the lists of tour stops on the example there?  Does this reduce clutter on an article or hide valuable information?  Is it fixing a problem or making this unnecessarily complicated?

This is the neat bit of code:

The header remains visible
This content is hidden
until 'Expand' is clicked

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