I've hit on either a really odd coincidence, or a double entry both here and over on the Starlight wiki.

Eddie Marco and Eddie Otero - are they the same person?  Or is it the strangest coincidence that both played the same roles in the same period?

Here's the compiled entries - 

Marco - Starlight Bochum - 1991-92 - Swing

Otero - Starlight Bochum - 1992-93 - Swing

Marco - Cats Hamburg - 07/1992 - Mungojerrie

Marco - Cats Hamburg - 10/1992 - Mungojerrie

Marco - Starlight Las Vegas - 1993-94 - Swing

Otero - Cats Hamburg - 10/1995 - Mungojerrie

Assuming that Otero ran the full 1992-1993 Swing contract in Bochum, he couldn't have also played Mungojerrie in Hamburg the same year...  But as a swing in one show, offered a featured character in another, he could easily have left under a "betterment clause".  But why would he change his stage name from one year to the next - not that it's unheard of....

So does anyone know?  Should these entries be merged?

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