What's come to my attention this morning, was an anonymous edit removing the fandom section on Jemima 's page.  I'm very much in two minds on this...  because what is written there is entirely fan-theory, there's no evidence onstage to back up the ideas.  (the link between Jemima and syrup is ridiculous in Britain, it's a common girl's name) 


Under a section clearly marking these ideas as fan concepts, is it so bad? It's barely an extension of the "Relationships" section as far as there being grounds behind what's there, most of the relationships are fanfic ideas.

In fact, I'd like to split the relationships section in two - some relationships ARE canon, and if we can source references, that should be made clear.  for example, UK productions have Munkustrap and Tugger as brothers, both Old Deut's sons.  I'd like to put that information as fact - with the proviso that it's fact for this particular production.  Then have things like Munkustrap as Jemima's father as a separate, fan theory.  While it makes sense, it's not part of the direction of the production.  Unless, of course, I'm wrong and someone can quote a published interview where the actress playing Jemima says that Munkustrap is her father!

Alternatively, we can transfer the fan theories/headcanons/more outlandish relationships to a separate page under the "Fandom" category?  

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