We've got some very clumsy language here, "Some fans believe" / "Most fans believe" (citation needed) / "It is believed" / "They are usually portrayed as"... Can we standardise to something with no particular weighting? for example:

Victoria - Pouncival: They could be Siblings, they could be Mates.

"They could be" still seems a bit clumsy however, so if anyone has a better suggestion?

Also, what's the line between a Headcanon and Relationships? Headcanon and Theories? Can we lose the Headcanon section and just have Theories and Relationships, is there anything that isn't covered with two sections? Or would it be worth having a "Confirmed canon" section for, for example, the UK productions have confirmed that Munkustrap and Tugger are brothers and sons of Old Deuteronomy.... would need to be referenced. It would be duplicating the character pages, but I think worth keeping all the information together?

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