I know, I know...  it's hardly a big surprise....  but we're definitely missing several casts from Hamburg!  I've added scans of the cast resumes from the final Broadway cast, and several of them mention performing in Cats in Hamburg (and Vienna) and most of the time we're not matching up.  Sally Ann Swarm for example....  There's also a lot of cross-over from US Tours and Broadway, unsurprisingly, so getting those cast lists up will be interesting too, adding to the tapestry.

Also, I suspect some of the Hamburg casts we *DO* have are actually the names from one specific performance, with no swings listed, but names that would otherwise be swings who cover those roles, IN those roles...

Ahh yes, and that was my other concern.  When I've had the programme to hand, I've added swing information to the performers' pages.  But so far I've been deleting it from the actual cast listing because it looks pretty messy and makes it a little harder to follow...  however, if you're interested in seeing how that production ran covers - which characters were understudies, which roles were covered by swings or bumping up first cast etc - it's much easier to have all the information in front of you!  For example, Broadway Casts#2000 - I've not removed the cover information.  Should we keep it, sometimes? whenever available?  remove to keep it tidy?

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