Here's the most ambitious project of all...  It'd be amazing to have the information on this wiki mirrored in other languages.  German seems the most obvious, given how successful the show has been in that language, but also French would capitalise on the success of the Paris production...  Unfortunately my language skills are pretty useless.  And at about the same level, is my understanding of the function of connecting different languages on wikia!  I know it's possible, rather than having a separate project in German, to use all the same photos, categories, etc, and just add pages in a different language...

I dunno.  Would there even be interest in other language mirrors?  Are there people out there who'd love to know more but don't speak English enough to follow what's going on?

Plus, I'd really love to do the same thing over on the Starlight Express wiki, where the majority of the fanbase is German these days...  I'm just not really equipped to do it myself!

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