Japanese 1983 edition!  

Before adding these photos to the production/cast, I want to see if we can identify them all...  The photos are a bit no-holds-barred raw images to our modern photoshopped sensibilities, but imagine if we had photos of the original London or Broadway casts like this!

I was thinking it's weird that Gilbert doesn't play the leader of the Siamese, Mungo does - but then, Tumblebrutus is rarely the Bo'sun of the Pirate crew!  So The names don't necessarily match where they come from in the poems anyway...  Also, although as we know Cassandra and Tumblebrutus are the "twins", I'm not sure they're necessarily identical twins in the Japanese production, but just similar.

I have the whole brochure here - - to help play Name That Cat....

Updated!  Moved around the labelled ones!

Update!  We got there in the end!