When it comes to categorising the current London production, what are we going to do?

  • "London Palladium Cast" etc
  • "London Revival Cast"
  • use the same "London Cast" category as the original production
  • Use the illogical but technically accurate "UK Tour Cast"

My personal preference would be to use "London Palladium Cast" or even "Palladium Cast" since that's very much how the community's referring to the production, it's the Palladium version of the show being shipped out around the world (unfortunately!)  

"London Revival" doesn't feel right, to me at least, since this production is a direct descendant from the original - the 3rd UK Tour went out almost straight after the show closed in London, and the 4th UK Tour was a straight repeat of that, and that's the tour that literally moved into the Palladium. I dunno, it seems to me that "Revival productions" are a fresh, new take on a show, which, while they yell that this show is, it actually isn't a ground-up re-interpretation at all.

Technically, the Palladium production is only a stop on the UK Tour, a tour which went to Blackpool this summer, is now back in London, and then is off on tour again. Seeing as virtually all of last season's Palladium cast were in the tour before hand, and virtually all the current Palladium cast were in Blackpool, there'd be logic in just assigning it all "UK Tour". but that would very much underplay the huge impact the Palladium production's had on the show....  

I've got a few more years of London casts to type up before we get as far as UK Tours, let alone into the Palladium, so it's not urgent.  But it's easier to get it right first time, than go edit 40 entries! 

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