So I've gone through and re-named as many pictures as I can - some are a guess, so if you spot any mistakes please let me know!  One thing I really like about the wiki is the ability to add a description of the photo - ideally I'd like to get actors, production, year, photographer credit, and if possible, a legit source, in for each of them!  Not going to be possible with the older ones, but more recent digital press images we should be able to get proper credits going.

There's some I can't ID properly, Google has let me down...  if you know who these are, even just productions, chime in!


What production?


I have three photos of her... but not a source!

Dusseldorf pyramid 1

German - Dusseldorf? Tour?

2613384495 00f695a831 o

I'm about 90% sure German? Not enough to commit!

Admetus armitage 2

UK Tour or London?

File:White cat.jpg

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