Ok, so there's been hundreds of regional productions in the USA over the past 15 years...  there's going to be hundreds of amateur productions across the UK in next 5 or so.  Do we include them on this wiki?  

To be honest, I'm inclined to say "No", since they're not National, fully licenced replica productions.  But, if we use replica as the benchmark as to whether to include a show or not, what about the northern European non-replica shows? How do you define what should and shouldn't be here?  I'm pretty sure the "East Molesey under-11s Drama Group Production of Cats" has no lasting significance beyond those who performed in it... 

I think it's only worth mentioning regional shows in the context of cast from National productions - ie, it's worth mentioning regional productions directed by Jacob Brent, but on Jacob Brent's page rather than giving every regional their own presence.  When a performer's been in both a US Tour and played the role in a regional show, again, add the credit to their page...  

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