I hope it doesn't throw anyone, but I've re-organised the Top Navigation a little.  (Yes, I know it's now the same as the Starlight one, but it seems to me those are the most important categories of information about a musical!)

My aim is to try to make the first impression of the wiki a little more encyclopaedic and a little less fannish - It feels a bit like certain really important aspects of our specialist subject, such as the music!, are getting side-lined over more and more character based speculation.  There's plenty of room to analyse Alonzo's relationships, but I think we also need to include information about Cast Recordings.

I've moved "Productions" to a top level link, which covers the "Cast" information that has been removed from the top level.  I've also put the "Behind the Scenes" link under "Productions".  I've added "Music" to the top level. I know at the moment this is a weak area of the Wiki, but I think it's likely to be information a lot of visitors come looking for.  If they want to buy a recording of the show to listen to what the fuss is about, if they want to know more about performing the show themselves, if they want more information about a song they just watched on Youtube, they'll be coming here and that information needs to be easy to find.

We did already have a page listing what recordings have been made, but it was not linked anywhere.  I've taken that information and made it the Recordings category information.  I think it's worth us adding a page for each recording, even simply including the track list, language and date.  We need to explain things like Misto singing "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" on the Broadway recording.

Also, we're likely to get people looking for a Broadway Revival recording, it's going to be well worth having information about that if it happens!

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