• Delphicoricopat


    January 28, 2016 by Delphicoricopat

    hey! just some ideas for pages and cleaning up the categories/articles

    • images of rum tum tugger renamed to images of rum tum tugger (rock star), seperate tag for street tugger
    • rename images of rumpleteaser category to images of rumpleteazer (with a z) to match her character page
    • with the new actor tags we can now change the portrayed by part of the infoboxes to just lead to the category!
    • wondering if maybe we should have a seperate page for sillabub, considering her evolution to the yellow costumes?
    • clean up the page on swings, maybe have little sections on each one/the more notable ones underneath the production headers
    • alternate/translated names under the also known as part of infoboxes


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  • Delphicoricopat

    wiki housekeeping

    January 9, 2016 by Delphicoricopat

    well. i am not sure what audience this post will reach but i've noticed the cats wiki is in need of quite a bit of housekeeping, especially re: objectivity, formatting, readability, etc.

    i do not want to encroach upon anyones authority here, so here's some proposals for everyone to review.

    • improved templates - expanding character info boxes, including info on originating actors. perhaps using tabs with the character images to show costume designs rather than assorted portrayers
    • set page format - set formats that include all necessary info - including portrayers, costume variations, history & evolution of roles and songs,etc.
    • objectivity - let's write this wiki like a wiki rather than an opinion piece. i know we all have opinions about "street …
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