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    Yesterday I was discussing with a friend (are you out there on the Wikia now? I don't know your username.) the problem of the Broadway cast listings and accuracy and ease of reading. We thought up a few ideas...focusing on the fact that 1. We wanted it to include all current and former cast members 2. We wanted accurate dates as well as information as to why a certain actor may have left (when known) and 3. Easy to read and code onto the Wikia. 

    My friend came up with a pretty nice idea for a chart type format we could use to document it all that they typed up in a spreadsheet as you can see below. 

    I for one think this would be a good way to keep track, although it does ask the question of in what way would we want to organize said list. Wo…

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  • MadMaxArtist

    As we know, I've been slowly working on all the Broadway and US Tour casts over the few months. Also, we know that contracts in the US are different from Europe in that they don't last a full year, thus cast changes are irregular and hard to track. As I've discovered more and more dates for performers I've begun to wonder what would be the best way to present the information for cast changes as the usually year-by-year list format doesn't seem like the best solution in this case. 

    I was personally thinking some sort of time-line but I'm not sure how to make that appear neat in this format. 

    If anyone wants to discuss or has suggestions feel free to comment. 

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  • MadMaxArtist

    You know what time it is again! ;P Let me know which is your favorite (aka please please vote!) 

    As usual, if you have any better photo suggestions, etc. please tell me in the comments!

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  • MadMaxArtist

    Icon Update!

    October 19, 2016 by MadMaxArtist

    Hey guys! Bit of an update with the icons! :)

    I started editing the Mistoffelees and Munkustrap one (I haven't started Bombalurina yet mainly because I'm having trouble finding a high quality photo of her Moscow makeup; if anyone has any alternatives please let me know!) I'll be making a seperate blog post for more photo options for different characters.

    For each icon I will be editing each image down to size as well as photoshopping the background so that it is black, and possibly adding text and a border. I'm still undecided on those options so I wanted to ask you guys what you think of three different options thus far (using Misto as an example.) 

    First off we have the icon with the name as text on the side. (Each character would be positi…

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  • MadMaxArtist

    Hey guys! Occasional contributer Max here! :) 

    After a bit of discussion with Belle, we've decided to replace the curent images for each of the characters on the navigation page and I will be making new icons for each character! We've also decided to use mixed productions and to include every character, song, chorus, and swing in order to showcase the diverse styles of the replica productions!. This is where you guys come in! I need some help deciding on what pictures to use, as I'd love to represent multiple productions but also keep it within everyones taste. Here's a nice little list of options for a few of the main characters to start, as they have the most photos and are hardest to pic from.

    I'd say thats good to start right? Let me kno…

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