Hey guys! Bit of an update with the icons! :)

I started editing the Mistoffelees and Munkustrap one (I haven't started Bombalurina yet mainly because I'm having trouble finding a high quality photo of her Moscow makeup; if anyone has any alternatives please let me know!) I'll be making a seperate blog post for more photo options for different characters.

For each icon I will be editing each image down to size as well as photoshopping the background so that it is black, and possibly adding text and a border. I'm still undecided on those options so I wanted to ask you guys what you think of three different options thus far (using Misto as an example.) 

File:Misto icon opt 1.jpg

First off we have the icon with the name as text on the side. (Each character would be positioned so that they're to the side of the text mainly.) 

File:Misto icon opt 2.jpg

The other option would be to have the text at the bottom of the image with a black outlining so that it stands out more.  

The other option, of course, would be to have no text at all. 

Same with the border, we could have one or we could not have one. Personally I actually like the lack of border look; the image looks more intergrated into the page in a way which I think stands out a lot visually. (If we do go with no border I think I would prefer the text right under the name, but if we do end up using a border I think the text on the side would work better.) Of course the last option would be to have the photo with no border at all or text, and a seperate text link below? Though I think that can get confusing (it always bothers me when I click on a photo thinking it's a link when it isn't.)  

Please let me know what you guys think! :) 

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