Yesterday I was discussing with a friend (are you out there on the Wikia now? I don't know your username.) the problem of the Broadway cast listings and accuracy and ease of reading. We thought up a few ideas...focusing on the fact that 1. We wanted it to include all current and former cast members 2. We wanted accurate dates as well as information as to why a certain actor may have left (when known) and 3. Easy to read and code onto the Wikia. 

My friend came up with a pretty nice idea for a chart type format we could use to document it all that they typed up in a spreadsheet as you can see below. 

IMG 8437
I for one think this would be a good way to keep track, although it does ask the question of in what way would we want to organize said list. Would we do it simply be actor name? Personally I find that would make it harder to find cast members if you're looking for the cast you saw on a certain date. The other option would be by grouping by character alphabetically, OR by listing dates chronologically (ie. Starting with opening cast and moving forward through dates.) 

I think this sort of layout would be pretty easy to code (if not take a lot of time.) but personally I'd be willing to put in that time making it if it meant having a comprehensive list of who has been in the show. 

Thoughts? Comment below!