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  • MaeliaC

    Test: redirect

    July 29, 2016 by MaeliaC

    As it looks like omitting an accent means the search doesn't work (unlike when you search with Google), I made a test with one of the actors from the Paris 2015 cast. Can anyone tell me if typing "Cedric Chupin" correctly redirects you to "Cédric Chupin"? (By the way, the other actors' names all have their accents in the page title except for Grégory Gonel.)

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  • MaeliaC

    Mislabelled photos

    July 23, 2016 by MaeliaC

    Dear admins and other contributors,

    Does any of you know where the "practice" photos that are in the "Paris 2015" gallery come from? I mean these:

    I suppose they're from an article that used pictures of another cast when they didn't have any of the new French cast yet, because I saw the actors several times both on stage and at the stage door (as well as on social media) so I'm 100% sure it's NOT them (or Théâtre Mogador) on those pictures.

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