As you can see on these pages Bertrice PavlikMaryanne KellyMark Taylor... I've made an actor infobox! Currently, the information contains:

  • name
  • year born/age
  • gender
  • character(s)
  • production(s)

What else should be added?

Also... I need some help on researching. maybe it's just the ones ive done so far, but some of these guys have no internet precense, or when you google them all that comes up is cats cast lists! Will we just leave these pages blank of pictures and/or information on them other than production & character?

Also.. I assume a picture of them actually in cats is preferable for their picture, but if none are avaliable, would another suffice...?? 

I hope we can start using the actor infobox, in my opinion infoboxes really make a page look neater and better ^^

edit: i forgot to mention!! Delphicoricopat helped me a lot. Thank you!! :D

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