With photo categories, there have been some inconsistancies...

  • Some have been tagged "Images of Group". some have not. I've started using this tag to even it out... I propose an image with 5+ cats is a good "Images of Group" picture?
  • Is pictures of cast simply for non cats costume cast members? I assume so, but just making sure. What about if theyre in makeup only? or some combination of everything but not done/fully in costume? 
  • sometimes, the actors are tagged (simply by name), other times they're not. Is this encouraged? I think it's a good idea, and then on their page we can link to their image tag rather than having to make sure every image of them ever appears on their page... Especially with people like the movie actors where the images are all over the place

I'd like to reiterate that the spelling of Rumpleteazer now matches her article, with a z! both spellings are technically canonically correct, but now they all match up c:

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