• Sodoura

    Cure/Cats slash

    June 12, 2015 by Sodoura

    NOTES: º This is fan fiction right here. It contains yaoi (M/M or boy/boy) in it. 

    º This is THOTD era - 1985 for reality; X moons for catworld

    º Lots of OCs' names mashed up with the real characters (ex. Rumplelily) (except for George. In CATS he's either Admetus or George. But I go by George because my OC's name is George Andrew, lol)

    º Robert x Tugger Simon x Misto Mary x Bomba Chris x Old Deut Porl x Demeter Boris x Munku

    The Jellicle lovers had once again come out at midnight. A beautiful full red moon, otherwise known as the Jellicle Moon, was shining bright down their allegorical furs. First cat to come out was the Robert-Tugger (mostly known as Rob-Tug for short), next one Simonffelees, Porlmeter and Borinkustrap.

    Most of the cats decid…

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