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    This picture contains all of the swings and Chorus (booth) of the '89 Australian tour, so I thought I should try and identify them all.

    Warwick Yuen as Coricopat and Carolyn Brown as Tantomile are simple enough.

    Justin McNamara as George/kitten swing is most likely the grey boy beside Alonzo on the right of the front row.

    Matthew Jackson as Carbucketty/tall swing is likely the one on the top right, between Sillabub and chorus Deut.

    The Chorus Deut is most likely David Outtrim the chorus/Deut & Gus u/s.

    Michael Larsen-Disney (Chorus) will be one of the Plato and Macavity, as he covered that role.

    Danielle Goullet and Makeely Louise Clarke were both Etcetera (presumably only one on per show).  The main Etcetera costumes seems to be the one on the …

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    The various pas de deux partners.

    London: Coricopat originally, it looks like, then Admetus for most of the time, then Alonzo at the end?  Any Idea when these various swaps were made?

    Broadway: Tumblebrutus.  Swapped to Plato for the last year or so of the Troika tour.

    Australia: Tumble, spapped to Pouncival about 2012.

    Vienna: Carbucketty or Pouncival, I think, not sure which it is.

    Hambug: Tumble

    Any idea who danced the parkt in the other majour versions?

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    A media event at the end of the Australasia Tour's Korean run in 2008, of the Australian cast in full costume on stage, lined up beside their newly cast Korean counterparts.  I know I've seen it, but can't find it anymore.

    For that matter, anything from the 2008 South Korean production.  I've got stuff from 2011, but not 2008.  I know they had in character headshots of everyone, including chorus cats.

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    I made an attampt at creating a diagram of how the various versions of the replica design seem to have developed, and what their influences are.  If something's not there, I either considered it the same as another version, or I forgot about it.

    Accurate? Yea/Nay?

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    Perhaps the strangest version I've ever seen (the whole thing's on youtube, or at least was).

    Some assumptions for the following:

    The black with white bib who says "Macavity" and removes his disguise is Demeter.  The red with white bib who is tall and saucy is Bombalurina.  The sleek black one is Cassandra.  The orange and brown guy that has "There's a man over there" is Gus.  I am going to call the campy grey one Victor, 'cause there's no other way to identify him besides campy grey guy.

    I'm mainly focusing on the score.

    Overture: Shortened.

    Jellicle Songs: Third lot of solo lines skips right to "Are you mean like a minx", repete of "queens of the night etc. is cut.

    Naming: No changes

    Invitation: No change (Munkustrap sings version)

    Gumbie: Trio …

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