Perhaps the strangest version I've ever seen (the whole thing's on youtube, or at least was).

Some assumptions for the following:

The black with white bib who says "Macavity" and removes his disguise is Demeter.  The red with white bib who is tall and saucy is Bombalurina.  The sleek black one is Cassandra.  The orange and brown guy that has "There's a man over there" is Gus.  I am going to call the campy grey one Victor, 'cause there's no other way to identify him besides campy grey guy.

I'm mainly focusing on the score.

Overture: Shortened.

Jellicle Songs: Third lot of solo lines skips right to "Are you mean like a minx", repete of "queens of the night etc. is cut.

Naming: No changes

Invitation: No change (Munkustrap sings version)

Gumbie: Trio is Demter, Rumpleteazer and Cassandra.

Tugger: Mungojerrie ahs "Terrible bore", Cassandra has "Curious beast", Demeter does final hysterics.

Grizabella: Second half of Grizabella's lines are sun by Cassandra.  Demeter and Bombalurina have swapped parts.

Bustopher: Cut entirely.  Straight to scare.

Mungo & Rumple: No changes.

Old Deuteronomy: Sung entirely by Gus.  This is the only lines Deuteronomy sings.

Aweful Battle: Munkustrap does the "All rejoice" into then right into the ball, cutting the Battle.  No scare.

Jellicle Ball: Song is sung, then straight into the Honky Tonk (Bombalurina) section of the music. Mating Dance music cut.  Second half makes the same musical cut as the film.  Final slow section is significantly shortened.

Memory: No Jelly/Jemima lines.  Sad dance music is very rushed

No interval

Moments: Instrumental reprise of Old D, he speaks some lines, and  Victoria and Cassandra dance for a while.  No singing or any sign of the original music in this number.

Gus: Totally cut.

Growltiger: Totally cut

Skimbleshanks: Deuteronomy and Rumple lines sung by the ensemble.  Rest of the song is normal.

Macavity: Demeter and Bombalurina have swapped lines for the whole song.  Fight music cut in half.

Mistoffelees: Sung by random grey guy I have dubbed Victor.  He has done nothing of note before now.  Instrumental come after the second verse. 

Daylight:  Sung by Rumpleteazer and Gus.

Memory: No Jemima lines, Grizabella sing the whole thing.

Journey: Extra fanfare added to the end of the song.  End of Show.

Ad-dressing: Cut entirely.

Bows: Female ensemble; Male ensemble; more male ensemble; Jenny; Tugger; Gus; Mungo & Rumple; Skimble; Dem and Bom; Victor, Cass and Misto; Old D; Munk; Victoria; Griz;  Company dance Ball again from Princess Louise; Company bows.

Total show run time: 1hr 16min.

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