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    Okay. Here goes. 

    First off, I'd make Grizabella's tail detachable from her main costume. 

    So, her tail falls off mid-song during "Grizabella the Glamour Cat". 

    When Bustopher Jones comes on stage, he sees Grizzy's tail and picks it up. 

    He takes it with him when he goes offstage at the end of the song. 

    Jones joins the other Jellicle Cats at the end of the show to hear Grizzy sing "Memory". 

    Then, when she comes over to greet him, he puts her tail back on. 

    She gives him some curry in return. 

    Then, Grizzy leaves for the Heaviside Layer. 

    Jones waves and calls to her, along with all the other cats. 

    He joins the other cats in doing the simple dance moves during "The Ad-Dressing of Cats". 

    And, during the parts of "Ad-Dressing" when all the other cat…

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    I can't understand a single word in this picture.

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  • Walrusandthecarpenter300

    I found these pictures recently and I am unsure as to what the lyrics say, as I don't speak German. These appear to be from the German production... could somebody please translate the words into English? 

    Thanks ;) 

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    Bustopher Jones looked at his list of chores.

    "Take out hornets' nest," he read.

    Bustopher knocked the hornets' nest out of the tree with his spoon. He then placed it carefully in Skimbleshanks' mailbox, shook the mailbox, and flipped the flag up. "Check." he said. "Fix sinkhole."

    He tried putting the kittens' playpen over it. That didn't work. He plopped Victoria into the playpen, and she stuck. "Check," Bustopher said. In shocked surprise, he read, "RE-SHINGLE ROOF?"

    On the roof, Bustopher sat with Mistoffelees. "Steady... steady..." the fat cat mewed to himself. Then, he accidentally knocked himself in the eye with his hammer! "Meow! Meow! Meow!" laughed Mistoffelees. "I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny!" yowled Bustopher, ai…

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