Bustopher Jones looked at his list of chores.

"Take out hornets' nest," he read.

Bustopher knocked the hornets' nest out of the tree with his spoon. He then placed it carefully in Skimbleshanks' mailbox, shook the mailbox, and flipped the flag up. "Check." he said. "Fix sinkhole."

He tried putting the kittens' playpen over it. That didn't work. He plopped Victoria into the playpen, and she stuck. "Check," Bustopher said. In shocked surprise, he read, "RE-SHINGLE ROOF?"

On the roof, Bustopher sat with Mistoffelees. "Steady... steady..." the fat cat mewed to himself. Then, he accidentally knocked himself in the eye with his hammer! "Meow! Meow! Meow!" laughed Mistoffelees. "I'll teach you to laugh at something that's funny!" yowled Bustopher, aiming his spoon for Mistoffelees' head.

"You know, we are on the roof," said Mistoffelees. "We could have some fun."

"What kind of fun?" Bustopher asked, lowering his spoon.

"How about a dare contest?" Mistoffelees suggested.

"That sounds fun!" Bustopher cried. "I dare you to... climb the TV antenna!"

Mistoffelees climbed up the TV antenna like any cat would. "Easy as Straussberg Pie," he purred.

"Earthquake!" Bustopher called as he shook the TV antenna. He and Mistoffelees laughed and laughed. Mistoffelees got shaken up so much that he fell, and caught hold of the drainpipe.

"Aftershock!" called Bustopher, shaking the drainpipe. The two tuxedo cats laughed and laughed (if you can imagine a cat laughing). Skimbleshanks was watching from his yard. "Uh, Bustopher, I don't mean to be a scaredy-dog or anything," called Skimbleshanks, "but if he falls, couldn't that make your boy a paraplegic cat?"

"Shut up, Skimble!" Bustopher called back.

"Yeah, shut up, Skimble!" Mistoffelees chimed in.

"Well said, boy!" Bustopher told Mistoffelees. The two black-and-white cats high-fived and said "YEAH!" in unison.

"Steady... steady..." Bustopher said again. Then, the fat cat fell through the roof, with the conjuring cat watching him and laughing.

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