Victoria is a principal dancer in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. She, along with Jemima, represents the spirit of the elegance and beauty of Cats.


Young, Inhibited, Inquisitive
Victoria is a young cat, the eldest of the four kittens. She seems to be one of the kinder and more open cats, like Jemima. Her movements are graceful, elegant, and timid, although she is not shy around the Rum Tum Tugger.


Strong dancer with good ballet training.
Victoria is the principal ballerina in the show.  While she doesn't sing more than a couple of solo lines, she features heavily in the dance numbers. She dances a slow, lyrical solo during Invitation to the Jellicle Ball, about her coming of age, puberty and sexuality[1].  During the Ball, in one of the more mature scenes in the show, we see Victoria's pas de deux (known to fans as the mating dance). Which male cat she performs this with varies between productions, most commonly Plato/Admetus or Tumblebrutus.  While Jemima has the revelation of what Grizabella is suffering, Victoria is the first to touch Grizabella.

Victoria and Jemima are often put together and perform at showcases to represent the two sides of the show; Victoria standing for grace, beauty, and elegance, and Jemima standing for innocence, emotion and playfulness.

London Alonzo baby Vic

Final performance of the original London production.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has said that originally they wanted one actress who was both the beautiful solo dancer that is Victoria and the sweet-voiced soprano that is Jemima.  However, when they couldn't cast a dancer with a strong enough voice, the concept of the female kitten was split into the two roles.

Victoria, the White Cat, is often used to represent the "spirit" of the musical. On the last night of the original London production, a young girl dressed as Victoria danced, representing the next life of the musical.  When the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera overtook Cats as the longest running Broadway show, it was Victoria who appeared on-stage at Phantom.


Victoria Design 2

Victoria is a pure white kitten. She sometimes wears a sparkly, pink collar that offsets her pale markings.

Practically speaking, putting a pure white costume under stage lighting washes out all the costume details, so while the impression given is pure white, she is actually fairly detailed. She has light gold, tan, or grey markings on her costume. She has a pink or black nose and even dark copper markings on the sides of her face.




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